Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Architectural Details - Crircular stairwell facelift

We've made many aesthetic changes to this Kirkland home: interior color palette, new window treatments, re-furnishing; but the re-facing of the circular stairwell leading up to the main floor from the garage and wine cellar was a dramatic improvement.

It was a fairly difficult project because no two stairs treads were exactly the same size and their angles varied, as well. It was a design challenge! I had the inspiration to create a "runner" effect, utilizing the largest stone pieces I could find so that there wouldn't be a million grout lines. I used "Autumn White" slate from Oregon Tile and Marble - it was chosen not only for the coloration (so gorgeous!) but also because we could order it in 24" by 24" pieces. And, fortunately, we had the right tile installer for the job!

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